How to fix your wrist/back pain (CTS, RSI)



Maybe you face this issue, maybe not. However, knowing this is very important to any computer user, so please read on.


When computer users/programmers uses the PC for a long time, they may feel some pain in their back, hands, wrist or other parts of his/her body. This pain should go away after some rest but in some cases, it will stick around for a long period of time, maybe even years. This may be called CTS, RSI or many other names.

My story

A few years ago I sat and typed about 20 pages of a document without any rest. The next day when I woke up, I felt a little pain in my wrists. I thought it’ll go away soon, but it didn’t. I had that pain for almost 3.5 years! By the end of that time, I hand wristbands and couldn’t even hold a glass. I took countless tests including MRIs but none showed me any sign of physical problem. I tried a complete rest for my hands would fix my problem so I tried speech recognition software to interact with my PC. Below is a picture of me during that time:

Me & CTS

At the time I was doing my best to avoid surgery. In the picture you can see that I have changed my mouse and keyboard to ergonomic ones. The computer desk and chair are also ergonomic but none could help me.

CTS Surgery

And I was ready to test anything else. I tried massages, anti-inflammatory drugs, anything you could think of. I spent hours and hours of search to find the best solution.

How did I fix it?

One day, I found out about a book that literally changed my life.

Healing Back Pain - The Mind Body Connection

Disclaimer: I have no connection with the author and I wouldn’t get a single penny from any purchase. This is not an advertisement.

This book says that the pain you’re having is caused by your brain. It is complicated and you have to read it to understand. It suggested that not only I shouldn’t rest, I should work without paying attention to my pain. It took courage because I was afraid to make it worse but I gambled and I’m the winner. Of course, it’s not that easy, you should absolutely read the book. There are a few necessary mental steps involved in the process of healing your pain. Half-way though the book (about one week), I started feeling better. After 2 weeks I went to all my doctors, showed them this book and suggested them to read it. By then, I had no pain whatsoever. It has been 1 year since. I had some minor pains and using same methods, got rid of them in a few minutes.


I’m not saying that whenever you had any pain, you should try this method. What I’d recommend, is this:

  1. Rest for a few days
  2. Go to physicists and doctors and take necessary test (such as MRI).
  3. If none could help you and you have ruled out any physical problems, start reading this book and try to believe in it.

It is very important to have belief in this approach. It is hard to convince yourself to getting angry with your brain and tell it to stop hurting you!But believe me, it’ll work.