Get a password manager and remember only 2 passwords


That’s right,2 passwords. Ready why at the end of the post.

First of all, let me just say that, my memory is good. I am, and I always have been, good at remembering stuff. Specially passwords. But that doesn’t mean I have had the best password set for all my accounts. Let me explain more.

For years, I’ve had a good password for my important accounts (such as emails, etc.) and remembered them. But I have numerous amount of accounts for a lot of websites (forums, etc.) So, I had to use the same account for normal, not-that-important accounts and used it for all of them. The downside was that if somebody knew one of these accounts, he/she could’ve easily guessed got into any other account of mine. I didn’t care that much about loosing those account but at the end of the day, they were mine.

A few weeks back, I said, enough is enough. I started to search for a really good password manager. At first the name I mostly encountered was 1Password. I used it a few days but I wasn’t satisfied. Here’s what I think it misses:

  • It’s not free
  • Its sync uses Dropbox which is not a big problem, but I’d like if it hat its own server. Also, I don’t like when a software is depended on another.
  • Its features are not that well-implemented. (You’ll see what I mean when I describe the next tool).


When I got disappointed with 1Password, I started searching again and then I found a familiar name, Lastpass. I had some experience with Lastpass before and to be frank, I wasn’t satisfied. But I figured, I’ll give it another shot. This time, it was a whole different beast. In short:

  • It’s free for normal use
  • It’s got its own server to sync your password.
  • It’s fast and syncs really well
  • It supports all (and I really mean all) platforms. Windows, Windows 8’s Modern Interface version, Mac, all major browsers, smartphones, … all of them. Sure, you’ll have to pay very little money (1$/month) for smartphones but it’s not a deal-breaker AT ALL.
  • Its UI is good, easy to use. It offers nice features whenever possible.
  • It has a brother named Xmarks – which I’m in love with it – and together, they’ll rock your world.

Smart Password Generator

Let me explain one cool feature for you before you get nuts with it.

Password generator: Sure other tools have this too. It’s not really hard to implement but you know what makes it awesome? Suppose you want to change your Facebook password. When you click the password box, you’ll get two amazing options: Fill current and Generate. You first hit “Fill current” to fill your current password and then “Generate” to generate a very secure password. The amazing part is that, when you click “Accept”, the tool with fill out the new password and confirms it. You just click save and your password will be updated. But there’s more, the tool will offer you to update this new password for your account and does it all automatic.


I can’t even begin to tell you how painful this process is in 1Password.

This post is not intended to be a full review of this magnificent tool (Lastpass). It’s just a reminder that you should use a password manager and of one the best solutions is this one. Feel free to recommend any other tool you’ve had a good experience with.

2 Passwords???

Yep. At the first part of the article, I said it. But why? The tools say that you have to remember just one password (that is the password you use for the password manager’s vault). But why did I say 2? Because you have to always remember your primary email’s password. Don’t completely trust your password manager. When you’re a geek, you have to be completely skeptical. You’ll learn not to trust anything. What if your password manager’s account gets deleted for some reason? Do you want to lose your all altogether?

But how will my email help, you might ask! Well, most of the websites offer you a password reset/recovery option which usually will send you a link through your email. If you have access to your email, you’ll be able to recover most of your account in case of a crisis!

Use this tool, have fun, and please share your experience in the comments.