Hotmail vs Gmail


I use Hotmail. I love it and I don’t think that I’ll be moving out soon. However, there are a few areas which I think each one of these are stronger. Today, I filled out a feedback form for the Hotmail team and I decided to share my view with you.

This is not a very sophisticated comparison; however, it points out each area in which each of these services is stronger.




I have had dozens of failed emails with Gmail. Even if everything was correct. The annoying thing is that it says it has been sent and some time later you come back and get the notification which lets you know it hasn’t! I hate it. I had about 2 to 3 failed emails in the course of the 8 years I’m using Hotmail.


I love sweep feature of Hotmail. It enables you to move/delete any email from any sender and make it never appear again. Also it has a feature that lets you keep the emails for a few days (schedule cleanup).


SkyDrive Integration

You can attach photos as traditional attachments or you can put them in SkyDrive and send your contact a link. You can create photo albums and send files with up to 10GB of size.

In addition, the attachment process is better in Hotmail. Gmail has too many problems in this area (in my experience).

Office Web Apps Integration

If you someone sends you a .doc file, you can open it right from the web with the aid of Office Web apps without the need to download the file. It’s easy and more than enough to check the content, if there isn’t a Microsoft Office installed.


Hotmail has a reading pane which lets you view your emails in 3 columns. In my experience this is the best view for emails. Personally, I think Hotmail has a better design than Gmail.


Embedded Objects

You can embed search results from Bing, images, YouTube videos, shipment tracking information,Flickr albums, etc.

Facebook Chat

Integrated Facebook chat, could come handy sometimes.



Two-Factor Authentication

Gmail lets the users enable two-factor authentication for more security. This is not offered by Hotmail yet.


While Hotmail lets users select themes, Gmail is more sophisticated in this area. It offers full theme with a dark (which I love) and high-contrast themes.

Labels and Organization

Hotmail has categories but Gmail has the ability to nest labels. This is not possible with Hotmail. In addition, Gmail has better organization tools such as types, status colors, etc.


Gmail’s search is better. Enough said Open-mouthed smile

Audio and Video Chat

Gmail lets the users benefit from Audio and Video chat right from their inbox. Although I don’t think this is very necessary, it is a right weapon for the arsenal.

Missing From Both

Tabbed View

I don’t think Yahoo!’s mail is powerful enough for consideration. However, one thing I really like about its interface is the ability to open more than one tab. Combining the Hotmail’s 3-column view with reading pane with tabs would nail it for me.


Some say Gmail is better, some say Hotmail is. My personal favorite is Hotmail and I think with the addition of a few features, it’s capable of beating its rivals.


Comment by Vish
2-Factor Authentication wins every day. I feel suspicious when I am not asked to telesign into my account by way of 2FA, it just feels as if they are not offering me enough protection.
Comment by Alireza Noori
I'm totally with you Vish. I have suggested Hotmail people to make it available. I'll wait for some time and if they don't implement it, I think I might switch to Gmail. I really like Hotmail as I mentioned, but as you said, it is very important to have 2FA.