Microsoft’s Review 2012


It’s a few days that Microsoft has introduced their redesigned, renamed email service Outlook. If you have followed my posts previously, you know that I have posted about the new Metro design of the email service as well as a comparison between this service and Gmail. I have mentioned a change of the name, however, I said it’s going to be New Mail while eventually it turned out to be Outlook!

First, if you haven’t already, go to and login with your login ID (or sign up for a new one). It’s free and it has lots of benefits.

As far as the functionality, my previous post would be enough because all of the previous functionalities of the Hotmail are available in Outlook. Not much changed here. So, we’re going to talk about the new Metro design.

The new design in absolutely beautiful and wonderful. It’s not cluttered at all. Just compare the new design with Gmail and see the difference for yourself. You can use Quick views to easily find emails in a category. Messenger, search, filters, etc. all are there but not in your way. The only thing you see is what you want to see. Smart usage of contrast has made this design very pleasant. Yahoo! and Google are faaaaaaaarfrom this concept.


I recommend turning on the reading pane and showing it on the right hand side (by default it’s off) if you have a big enough screen. That way you can do much more with your account.


Also, you can set multiple aliases for your account. In addition, it’s veryfast. One of my friends who doesn’t really like Microsoft for no reason(!!) tried it and the first thing he said was “Wow! It’s very fast, I’m switching to this, no matter who has built it!”. So kudos Microsoft, you’re turning many people’s ideas about yourself around.

By the way, using Stylish, I have created my own design (dark version) of this already-beautiful mail (which is the subject of my next blog). Let me know what you think about it. Which one would you prefer to use? Here it is:


Don’t forget to go and try the new Outlook.


Comment by Alireza Noori

First of all, please let me know about your experience if you upgrade to Outlook. A short answer to all your questions would be, everything that was there in Hotmail is really there in Outlook as well. I haven't missed anything so far. One thing to point out here is that although what you're referring is correct (change for people is hard, for instance for your 92yr old aunt) but the new interface is less cluttered and in my humble opinion more user friendly. I seriously doubt that after a few days of usage anyone would be having issues with this.

Comment by Tricia Gabbitas
Oooh, very nervous! Had a look at the preview - didn´t like much what I saw. I use Hotmail Live where I can see the content of the email at a glance - this seems to have gone. I can flick between the email I am writing and a current or alternative email. Can I still do this? I am accustomed to drag & drop into folders - has this gone? I don´t use all the fbook/twitter stuff and would dearly love to stay as I am! OK, I am a pensioner dinosaur - and maybe things are better than I think - but how does my 92yr old aunt cope with all this new stuff? Why can´t they run them together? Please - someone comfort me with encouragement of this new system!!
Tricia Gabbitas